Adventures in Film: Puerto Rico

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I’ve been to Puerto Rico four times since 2011, which might make it my most traveled destination besides Science Guy’s hometown of Louisville. We boarded our honeymoon cruise from San Juan two summers ago and also went there for our first big vacation together  back in 2014. So it’s safe …

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Which Sseko Sandal Style Are You?

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Sseko Designs is famous for its ribbon sandals (I love mine!) which can be tied and accented in thousands of different styles, but there are also five other sandal silhouettes to choose from for every occasion. They are made of genuine leather, rubber and microfoam and they are super comfy …

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Mind Your P’s and J’s

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I’ve always been a personality test junkie, or at least since taking my first “Who’s your celebrity BFF?” quiz in Seventeen during middle school. (It’s Reese Witherspoon, by the way, and I’m still waiting for my invitation to hang out…ahem…) The first, super-smooth pick up line I delivered to Science …

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Free Download: Customizable Chore Chart

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I feel vaguely guilty sharing something we don’t actually use, but it’s not because it doesn’t work, it’s because my libertarian husband refuses to be crimped by things like plans and schedules. And because I don’t have the extra energy to impose order on chaos. Ahem. (More on that later.) The first version of this …

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Lessons from the SpaceX Launch

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Featured image by Reuters. We watched the SpaceX launch this weekend, 1) because we are consummate nerds; and 2) Science Guy’s lab sent some transgenic seeds to the International Space Station via the Dragon spacecraft, so it was kind of like a little part of us was going into space …

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Acting Out

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I was a wannabe theater nerd in high school, which means I wasn’t even cool enough to be a real theater nerd. Let that sink in for a bit. Confession is good for the soul, kids. At my high school, the theater department was populated by a vaguely edgy/racy band of bohemians …