The Gender Reveal

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I am unequivocably terrible with secrets. (I’m astonished I haven’t blurted out my pregnancy to any students or parents yet. I’m surprising the kids with a “bonus question” on the midterm.) And I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep the results of our anatomy scan under wraps. (Not least because it’s really hard not to use gendered pronouns when writing about the baby!) So I planned the gender reveal (although technically what we found out was the biological sex, not the socially constructed gender, helloooo.) just two days after the ultrasound when our families would be together for Thanksgiving.

Once we found out the sex, I was immediately on the hunt for boy-friendly projects on Pinterest, having already been admonished by Science Guy for bringing home a girl-themed bouncer from a consignment sale before we knew the sex. (It was a good deal! Seriously, though, why does every baby item on earth have to be gendered?!) With a day off before Thanksgiving, I was actually able to indulge my crafting penchant more than I’d been able to so far.

I found these cute vest and bowtie onesies from Make It, Love It and decided to make one for each set of parents. Science Guy had some old short-sleeve plaid shirts he’d planned to get rid of, so I requisitioned them for this project. I ended up skipping the vests because procrastination and just making the interchangeable ties.

In true A-minus fashion, I did not follow the instructions or cut a pattern…I just kind of winged it. If I know what my end result should look like, I can make it happen without extensive planning or instructions…about 60% of the time, at least when it comes to crafting and sometimes cooking. (The other 40% usually involves building IKEA furniture or putting marshmallows in a 200-degree oven to “dry them out” for a student teaching lesson.) So the necktie is vaguely crooked and the bow tie was a bit more difficult than it probably needed to be, but there they are and they are cute, if I do say so. (Note to self…always sew snaps onto right side before sewing wrong sides together.)

Also in true A-minus fashion, I did not wrap the cute gifts for our parents because A) procrastination; and B) I decided to honor the ruthless practicality gifted me by my parents. Just kidding, it was mostly procrastination. I just rolled them up so that the ties didn’t show.

We went to my cousin’s home in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving, which was great because it’s halfway between where we (and my parents) live and Science Guy’s hometown, so we got to see both sides in one place. After the traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, fried rice, and potstickers (ASIAN HOLIDAYS FTW) we gathered everyone together to present our parents with a little gift.

Photos courtesy of my cousin, Nancy Riley.

In retrospect, this does kind of make it look like we’re having twins. (WHICH WE ARE NOT.) But I wanted everyone to have something to open because that’s more fun. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

A-minus Mama

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