Week 25 – Maternity Style File

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It’s taken me a while to show but according to Science Guy, I now finally “look pregnant.” On the other hand, when I got my teeth cleaned on Monday the hygienist couldn’t believe I was my pregnant and my sassy gay coworker said I was waddling too much for how small my bump is. (Well, guess what, my pelvis isn’t where I left it, okay?? We’re buddies, so it’s cool.)

I have finally bitten the bullet and started building my maternity wardrobe. For better or for worse, I went on a massive closet-purging rampage last summer a month before our wedding in an attempt to build a capsule wardrobe, and in the heat of summer I apparently decided to literally decimate my cold-weather clothing. (I realized about October that this was maybe not a good choice for living in Ohio.)


Fortunately, this left me with lots of room to find fall and winter wear that are more bump-friendly. I picked up some longer tops from Facebook B/S/T throughout the fall and belly bands have helped bridge the gap for most of my existing shirts and pants, but I was ready to treat myself to some mama-wear. I started with my Stitch Fix from last week. My stylist sent me some awesome pieces and I ended up keeping everything in the box. (They got me with that darn keep-everything-and-we’ll-give-you-25%-off deal.)

Disclaimer: I am literally the world’s worst fashion blogger despite having once taken 365 self portraits in a year. It’s cold, so no hipster exposed brick urban decay backgrounds for me. Also, half of these have my head cut off because I took them when I had weekend face and hair going on. And no shoes because weekend.

I wore this outfit to school on the last 40-degree day before the temperatures skidded into the single-digits. It felt nice to actually dress up a little, even on a Friday. The three tops are the cardigan, maternity top, and maternity tank from Stitch Fix. Leggings are crappy ones from Sam’s Club that need to be replaced. Boots are from my short-lived fling with JustFab. (As long as I live, I’ll never need a new pair of shoes every month.)


I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the blue dolman-sleeve top is supposed to hang.  This top actually isn’t maternity and it’s nice and long, but I think it’s supposed to be worn closer to the hips as opposed to mid-thigh to get a bit of drape. My drape is now filled with baby. Oh well, I still like the color and cut so it’s a nice top for now and post-baby.


I actually told my Stitch Fix stylist about the dress I was planning to wear to the wedding this weekend and asked for help accessorizing. She sent me the awesome blue cardigan (also seen above with the pink top) and the silver clutch. If you remember my unboxing video, I’m potentially the most handbag indifferent woman on the face of the earth. But as it turns out, I would pay $10 more if I sent the clutch back than if I kept it, thanks to the 25% buy-everything discount, so I guess I’m keeping it.

In addition to Stitch Fix, I made it my mission this week to hit Clothes Mentor and Kohl’s for some maternity pants. I can still make most of my pre-pregnancy pants work with a hair elastic and belly band, but the built-in belly panels on maternity pants are *amazing.*

Maternity cords by A Pea in the Pod, maternity tank from Stitch Fix, purple top by Michael Stars.

IMG_0867This was one of my favorite tops I got this fall, I think from a B/S/T group. Top by Loft, skinny maternity jeans by A Pea in the Pod. Flats by Naturalizer, and they seem to be immortal because I’ve had them for almost seven years.


The purple tunic dress is by Liz Lange from Target. I took back a bra from my bachelorette party which I’m certain will never fit again and bought myself this and a pack of mini gel pens as compensation.

Finally I went to Kohl’s with my old roommate and picked up a striped maxi skirt and jeans, both by Oh Baby. The two tops pictured were passed down from a friend. Red top by Kimode (? I can’t read the script on the label very well) and the tan sweater is from Old Navy.

In the course of writing this post, I found that I’m actually pretty well set for now since I’m not filling out the tops yet. I’m holding off on any warm weather clothes just because I get fidgety when my closet feels overfull, I’m not sure what size I’ll wind up afterward, and besides, Science Guy has a lot of t-shirts.

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Fashionably yours,

A-minus Mama


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