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What Can Blog Do for You?

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If you’re a business owner, you may have heard the word blog thrown around as something you have to do for your business, up there with getting professional headshots, designing a slick logo, building a responsive website, and BRANDING THE SHIZ OUT OF IT ALL. But have you ever wondered¬†what …

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Your Logo is Not Your Brand

In Branding by Jenn1 Comment

I’ve had quite a few conversations recently with fellow female entrepreneurs about their Brand, with a capital B. Those conversations usually go something like this: My logo sucks. I need a new one. And I need new headshots. I don’t like the fonts on my website because they don’t fit …

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A Year in the Life of a Cray-at-Home Mom

In Parenting by Jenn0 Comments

A year ago I said goodbye to my students, coworkers, and classroom and embarked on my career as a stay cray-at-home mom. It’s been an interesting year to say the least! I’ve never been particularly attached to my career, at least not in the sense of having strong ambitions to …