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Facebook-Free February

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Yesterday while scrolling through my blog feeds, I read a post on Apartment Therapy about giving up social media for a month. Somewhat impulsively, I thought, “Me too!” and decided to phase out Facebook for a month. (Conveniently enough, I happened to choose the shortest month of the year.) I’ve done dramatic …

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Reflections on Travel: Jamaica 2012

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One of the things I miss most (and will probably continue to miss for a long time) is the ease of traveling sans baby. Because it is cold and evil outside and because I probably won’t be traveling anywhere fun anytime soon and because I’m *finally* backing up the last …

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2016 Year in Review

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Despite the fact that today is much like any other day, I’m still going to jump on the looking-back/looking-forward bandwagon of December 31. I rather like this list of year in review questions, first written for 2015, so I’m going to reprise it for 2017. Read last year’s version here. What …

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Now or (whe)Never

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My social media feed is currently peppered with posts about how terrible 2016 was, from the hit parade of celebrity deaths (NOT CARRIE FISHER…DO NOT WAAAAAANT) to the ongoing carnage in Syria to terror attacks seemingly every other week to the election that demonstrated a collective loss of sanity and …

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Blue Christmas

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Have you ever been in survival mode, like real, just make it through the next hour survival mode? (I believe this is the terribly exclusive domain of parents of small or special needs children, caregivers, and the bereaved.)  I guess after two months of serious sleep deprivation (and three to five months …

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Sleep Wars Episode VI: Return of the Sanity

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When 900 hours of sleep you lose, look as good you will not, hmm? I procrastinated on writing this post because I was waiting for the post title to feel a little more true and not just like an overly optimistic rah-rah. But if I follow Science Guy’s advice and …

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Sleep Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

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That’s no boob. It’s a sleep association. –probably not Obi-wan Kenobi A week ago I happened upon the page of Little Sleepers, Big Dreamers, a local child sleep consultant. I had no idea such a thing existed, but apparently there are experts on sleep just as there are experts on …