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Acting Out

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I was a wannabe theater nerd in high school, which means I wasn’t even cool enough to be a real theater nerd. Let that sink in for a bit. Confession is good for the soul, kids. At my high school, the theater department was populated by a vaguely edgy/racy band of bohemians …

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Adventures in Film Photography: Flowers

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Film Friday! (I say this like I plan ahead enough to actually have a regularly recurring blog feature…bahaha. I can dream, can’t I?) The kinda cool/frustrating thing about shooting in film is the time-capsule effect…not only is there a delay between shooting the film and …

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Exes and Oo(p)s

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I recently told Science Guy that up until I met him I had terrible taste in men. For some reason, he wasn’t sure this was a compliment but it definitely is. Anyone who knew me in real life during, oh, the first seven of the last ten years can certainly …

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Facebook-Free February

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Yesterday while scrolling through my blog feeds, I read a post on Apartment Therapy about giving up social media for a month. Somewhat impulsively, I thought, “Me too!” and decided to phase out Facebook for a month. (Conveniently enough, I happened to choose the shortest month of the year.) I’ve done dramatic …

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Reflections on Travel: Jamaica 2012

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One of the things I miss most (and will probably continue to miss for a long time) is the ease of traveling sans baby. Because it is cold and evil outside and because I probably won’t be traveling anywhere fun anytime soon and because I’m *finally* backing up the last …

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2016 Year in Review

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Despite the fact that today is much like any other day, I’m still going to jump on the looking-back/looking-forward bandwagon of December 31. I rather like this list of year in review questions, first written for 2015, so I’m going to reprise it for 2017. Read last year’s version here. What …