Week 21…Reflections on Travel

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We spent this week in Arizona taking a somewhat spontaneous babymoon. This makes us sound way fancier than we actually are, believe me. I had photographed a friend’s wedding in Michigan this summer and in lieu of my standard fee, her mom gave us a stay through her vacation timeshare. …

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Week 20…We’re not there yet, right?

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Growing up, my family’s church didn’t celebrate Advent (just the thought of candles was way too Catholic for their Sino-Baptist sensibilities), but over the years I’ve really grown to appreciate an entire month of anticipation and waiting, not least because patience has never been my strong suit. Yesterday in church …

Weeks 18 and 19…Pumped Up Kicks

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The big highlight of the last two weeks has been finally feeling the baby move. The ultrasound scan made it clear that he was very active but I hadn’t felt anything up until that point, though I did have a suspiciously rumbly belly the night before the scan. I’d heard …

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The Gender Reveal

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I am unequivocably terrible with secrets. (I’m astonished I haven’t blurted out my pregnancy to any students or parents yet. I’m surprising the kids with a “bonus question” on the midterm.) And I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep the results of our anatomy scan under wraps. …

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Week 17…Baby’s First Photoshoot

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The week before Thanksgiving (week 17) was a big one. We had our anatomy scan scheduled and would finally learn whether Fire Monkey would be a boy or a girl! When asked previously whether we wanted to find out, I said I couldn’t stand the suspense and Science Guy, ever …

A-minus Mama: Prologue

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Author’s Note: I’ve come to the conclusion that my blog posts are too long and this is why I haven’t been able to finish a post for three months. (I am also really, REALLY prone to falling into a spiral of recursive reflection on my lack of blogging.) At least …