Please take a look at my process to get a feel for how I work. When you work with me, I don’t want to be just an anonymous copywriter or designer. I want to be a friend and fan of your business and you!

Content Syllabus: $330 (Includes a one-hour in-person or videoconference content strategy session and written content syllabus(
Blog/Copywriting Packages (includes full strategy session and written content syllabus):
A “piece” is defined as one blog post, page of website copy, or email newsletter. You are more than welcome to mix and match piece types for the same project, i.e. 6 blog posts,3 pages of website copy, and 3 emails.

  • 6-piece package: $900
  • 12-piece package: $1440

Print or File Design: Starts at $240 (includes short strategy session but no written content syllabus)

Current and past clients, ask about my secret menu!

A note about packages: I charge the same for each piece (after the first draft) in a package whether you purchase 6 or 60. (Let’s do 60! Let’s do 60!) Here’s why: I am a genetically predisposed bargain hunter, and I had to work REALLY hard to learn that more isn’t always better and that buying something I won’t use isn’t actually saving anything. There is a minimum purchase of 6 pieces because it is more effective to have consistency in content marketing rather than one or two blog posts or emails this month and then nothing for the rest of the season. But if you need 8 posts, I can just add two posts instead of tricking you with discounts to buy more than you need and want. Yay for integrity!

A note about bartering: I love a good barter! I have no problem trading goods and services as long as we lay out expectations beforehand (so there will still be a contract) and everyone is happy.