Sleep Wars Episode V: The Fire Monkey Strikes Back

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Mother: Join me, and I will complete your sleep training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict, and bring order to the nursery.

Baby: I’ll never nap for you!!!

The first day of sleep training was almost too easy to be true. We had some tears when I put him down for naptime, but the full night’s sleep seemed to have done a factory reset on Fire Monkey’s internal clock. Surely it was a just a matter of tweaking the schedule to find his optimal nap windows, right?

I find your overabundance of faith disturbing.

Night two was…terrible. He woke up no fewer than five times before I finally picked him up for the day, by which point we were all extraordinarily tired and grumpy. He was still fighting me tooth and nail at morning and afternoon nap time, and trying to put him down for the third catnap was kind of like trying to bathe a cat. Which I have never done, but I imagine it would result in similar amounts of screaming and writhing.

Our sleep consultant, Kristi, encouraged us to stay the course and helped us make some adjustments in both feeding and nap timing. We consolidated the 3rd and 4th feedings into one feed after the first afternoon nap for a total of just five feedings a day. We also moved his third nap up to closer to 4:00 rather than 4:30. And wouldn’t you know it, the crying time shortened and the wake-ups became less frequent. Within a few days, we dropped the night feedings and naptime became less of a battle. And some other subtler things changed, which I’ll write more about in our next time.

Then we all got colds, so now we are kind of treading water until that’s over. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Hopefully it’s not the Death Star…)

…to be continued…

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